Picking olives

The island of Ugljan is an “island of olives” with the tradition of 2000 years of olive growing. The ancient Romans built the “largest ancient oil mill on the Adriatic” on Ugljan in Muline village called “Villa Rustica”, where they produced over 80,000 liters of the famous Liburnian oil, especially valued in the Roman Empire.

 Since those ancient times, the “olive” has been and remains a sacred tree, the breadwinner and mother of the Mediterranean and our islanders. Extra virgin olive oil is the foundation of the healthiest Mediterranean diet and cuisine. We invite you to attend the “olive picking”, from 24/09 until the final harvest, as a traditional and special event of our islanders. Enjoy picking olives in the fresh air with a barbecue picnic, learn how to “taste” olive oil, and get to know the 2000 years old tradition and the charms of young olive oil”.

Our offer includes the following accommodation and service packages: 

  • Studio mobile home (2 + 1 persons), 1000 kn / 135 EUR * 
  • Two bedrooms mobile home with 2 bathrooms (4 + 2 persons), 1600/215 EUR * 
  • Three bedrooms mobile home with 2 bathrooms (6 + 2 persons), 1900 kn / 255EUR*
  • Rent a plot with own camping equipment (3 persons), 750 kn / 100 EUR *


The price includes VAT, and services: 

  • Accommodation – 2 nights in mobile homes or on pitches (3 persons) with own camper or camping equipment
  • breakfast (bread, ham, salami, cheese, spreads, coffee, tea, boiled eggs, cereals and more)
  • picking olives with a barbecue picnic (grill meat and salad – lunch in an olive grove with beer, juices and homemade wine) 
  • visit to the Ancient oil mill in Muline with a guide and olive processing in a modern oil mill **
  • bicycles for use and Nordic walking poles during your stay in the camp
  • 1 liter of extra virgin olive oil
  • School of “tasting olive” oil * *

The price does not include one-time registration, final cleaning and tax, services are charged in HRK, the price stated in EUR is approximate. ** organization of visits to the oil mill depends on the number of visitors and the agreement, you can visit the oil mill with your own vehicle.