Nature Park Telašćica

Telašćica Bay is located in the central part of the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, in the southeaster part of the island of Dugi otok. Due to its exceptional beauty, richness and importance, this bay, surrounded by 13 islands and islets, with six islets within the bay, makes it unique Nature Park. The area of ​​the Nature Park of Telašćica is an area rich in opposites; quiet and peaceful beaches on one side and wild steep cliffs on the other side, areas of ​​Aleppo pines and oak groves on one side, and rocks on the other, etc. There are three fundamental phenomena that are main features of this area: Telašćica bay as the safest, most beautiful and largest natural harbour in the Adriatic Sea with 25 small beaches, then the steep slopes of the island of Dugi otok or the so-called “rocks”, which goes up to 161 meters above sea level, and finally salt lake “Mir” with its healing properties.


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